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Welcome to the Microfluidics and BioMEMS Laboratory!

Small-scale innovations for big problems.

We are inventing small (micro and nano)-scale devices and systems (e.g., microfluidic biosensors, stretchable sensors and electronics, and micro/nano/soft robotic systems) to solve pressing problems in biology and medicine.  The applications of our technologies include point-of-care diagnostics, telemedicine, environmental monitoring, and automated large-scale gene editing.

Our diverse team includes mechanical/electrical/biomedical engineers, material scientists, and chemists.  We closely collaborate with >16 research/clinical laboratories at U of T, other Canadian/international institutions, and affiliated hospitals.

We welcome our undergraduate students, Ziyi Huang, Ryan Li, Siddhartha Challa, and Matthew Du, to join us for a great summer of existing research. (2022/05)

Xinyu accepted the invitation to serve as the Specialty Chief Editor of Frontiers in Robotics and AI.  He will organize and lead a new specialty section on Micro and Nanorobotics.

Binbin's paper on ionic hydrogel-based triboelectric nanogenerator has been accepted by ACS Applied Electronic Materials.  Congrats! (03/2022)